Hebrew Transposition

Without doubt I can agree with scripture which says very plainly:

2 Timothy 3:16.

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

I also wholeheartedly endorse the following:

2 Peter 1:20:

Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.

I have met many people who argue that the interpretation given to them is the only and correct one. What do we know! Not only does God move in mysterious ways, we know that His ways are not our ways and neither is the wisdom of God (existing before creation, Prv 3:19) the same as the wisdom of men.

The following is an example of knowledge based interpretation employed for thousands of years, handed down from master to student; in which is disguised the sacred meanings to veil it from the profane in society and those that would use the knowledge for things other than God's purpose. Should a man boast of a revelation he may do well to consider the following and ask himself; To what level of scripture understanding does my revelation apply?

The system of exegesis or explanation is threefold, and arranged under the heads of Gematria, Notarikon, and Temura, each of which will now described.

Gematria deals with the numerical value and power of letters, their forms, and sometimes their situation in a word, and is either arithmetical or figurative. In arithmetical gematria each letter has its numerical value. One word whose letters are equivalent to those of another may be accepted as an explanation of that other. For instance,

Genesis, ch. I. V. 1

Brashith bara in the beginning created

= 1116, also the words, berash hashanah nibra (in the beginning of the year was created) = 1116. Therefore the creation took place in September, in which month the Jewish New Year commences. So in Genesis xlix: 10, the words yabo schilo (shall come to Shiloh), = 358, and meshiach (Messiah) 358. Therefore Shiloh is the Messiah. Figurative gematria is employed in speculations on the letters which (from accident, but as the Kabbalists affirm, from divine design) are greater or smaller, reversed or inverted in the manuscripts of the Hebrew Scriptures. An instance of this occurs in:

Numbers x: 35.

"And when the ark went forward"

the letter nun in the word arun (ark) is written the wrong way of turned back to show the loving warning of God to the people, Again, in

Genesis xi.: 1,

and the people became as murmurers.

The nun in the word mthannanim (murmurers) is also written backwards to show the perverse turning of the people from God, and thus are these two places written in every true Hebrew Bible throughout the world.

Another branch of figurative gematria is called architectonical, consisting of mystical calculations on the size, form, and dimensions of the holy temple, the tabernacle in the wilderness, and the future temple described in Ezekiel, of which some very curious and most interesting particulars are given in Sheckard's Bechinath Happerushim (select comments).

Notarikon is used when one letter is made to signify an entire thing or person. The term is taken from the practice of notaries in abbreviating words, though others derive it from notare, to note. Thus a single word is formed from the first or last letters of several words, as in Genesis i.: 3, the finals of the words bars elohim laasoth, which God created and made = amth.

Another instance is the word agla, which, with the Tetragrammaton or holy name, was, as the Kabbalists say, inscribed on Magen David or the Shield of David, and is formed by taking the initials of the words atta gibbor leolom adonai (thou art, O Lord, eternally mighty).

Temura signifies permutation. That is, the interchange of letters by various methods, such as that known as Athbash, in which one word is composed that shall answer to another by inverting the order of the letters as they stand in the alphabet, making the last letter Th stand for the first and so answer to A, then Sh to correspond with B, and so on in the subjoined order: Athbash.

A B G D H V Z Bh T Y C
Th Sh R K Ts P H S N M L

By this method the meaning of Jeremiah li: 1, lb kmy (in midst of them that rise up against me) becomes Chasdim (Chaldeans). Another method is (there are 22 of them): Albam.

A B B D H V Z Ch T Y C
L M N S H P Ts K R Sh Th

By which the alphabet is divided into two equal parts, and the first letter interchanged with the eleventh, the second with the twelfth; thus Isaiah vii: 6, the word T B A L Tabeel becomes Ramla, the King of Israel. Sometimes letters of a word may be transposed as to compose another word as Mlachy (my angel) may be made Michael (the angel Michael)

Proverbs 3:21-23

My son, let not them depart from thine eyes: keep sound wisdom and discretion: So shall they be life unto thy soul, and grace to thy neck. Then shalt thou walk in thy way safely, and thy foot shall not stumble.

In conclusion: I hope that this has given you the tiniest of interest into this fascinating subject. From even this brief overview it can be seen how much meaning we can loose in our English translations. There is no way to inform the reader of such imaginings, such intricacies, such nuances and such sublime intelligence that ochestrated this phenominal work we call The Bible without totally interupting the flow of reading possible in its current form.