Dear Readers,

I have removed the article that I had previously published here under advice from my friend Repent. The reason I have removed it has not so much to do with what he has told me, but more to do with the re-examination of the content in light of his reaction to it.

I became aware that there are more ways to kill a cat than choking it to death with cream! What is meat for one man can in fact be poison to another.

Although Paul tells us in scripture that we should desire meat more than milk, I realised that the article presented here was more like raw meat than something wholesome which could be digested easily and feed the soul.

Several kabbalists who have inspired me in the past are Rav Michael Berg and more recently, Rav Michael Laitman PhD. An introduction to kabbalah is presented in a video streaming lesson Here. Included on this site are many lessons on the true practical kabbalah which in my opinion will assist many, no matter what their religion of beliefs

I intend to fill this space at some with an introduction and explanation of practical kabbalah that will be beneficial to all those inquiring minds who seek after the peace in their lives that a study of kabbalah may afford them.