What am I searching for?
Where will I find it?
What will I do with it when I do find it?

I am searching for the TRUTH. My father was once told, "The truth is what you believe." I can go along with this some of the way. If you believe you saw an incident involving a Red car and a Green car then that's true for 'you'. Does the fact that you're colour blind (but not aware of it) negate this truth.? It would to others, but not to you. So perception can get in the way of truth.

Am I fat or thin? Short or tall? It depends on what I compare myself with. If I select the average as a yardstick I find it impossible to accept the result as truth because if I'm not average then I'm something else. I'm part of a greater whole that is different from average. I may deduce that I'm taller than average; but does that make me tall? No it doesn't because if I compare myself with someone who's taller than me, then I'm no longer tall. I'm short.

So what do we measure truth against? Therein is the conundrum; because the only thing to compare it with are lies, and as lies are used to deceive; and are so prolific in life they're not easily spotted. At times we may find ourselves unwittingly comparing one lie with another in the hope of eliminating one to discover the truth. Later we find that they were both lies and have to start again. Lies are the enemy and we are fed them from cradle to grave.

In the cradle we trust implicitly the hand that rocks that cradle, the teat that gives suckle, the body that gives warmth and the voice that gives reassurance. But the lies are not far behind and in the words of Bob Dylan, "…. Until the age of five I drank my Mother's milk and didn't have a care; and then I went to school where the teachers fed me poison and I drank it like a fool." In this, Bob was being slightly short-sighted because the lies started well before school. They started with the television, the stories of Christmas, the Nativity and Santa. The promises that there were no such things as monsters. The stories of the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Hot Cross Buns. As we grew, our perception of the world grew and changed us. Slowly but surely we started to lose that implicit trust we had in our parents, as we found out that they'd lied to us, with examples like: "No it won't hurt you, this will make you better." "It's not hot!" And what were a lot of these lies for? Nothing else but to make the job of parenting easier and to get our minds ready to receive yet more lies. So we started to push against those we trusted, and in repelling, were ourselves repelled.

We arrive at the doorstep of adulthood untrusting and sceptical, hardly aware of why we were here, who God is, or how to tell truth from lies. Jesus said in all truthfulness, "They have eyes to see but they see not. They have ears to hear but they hear not".

Another wise man said: "A man who knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is a fool. Shun him.

A man who knows not, and knows that he knows not, is a student, teach him.

A man who knows, and knows not that he knows, is asleep, wake him.

A man who knows, and knows that he knows, is a leader, follow him.

The problem with the preceding verse is that many of those that fulfil the last criteria know that knowledge is power, and use their knowing to deceive others and make laws to prevent others following their path. While the few that are not like them and do not seek the same profit and do not deceive others very often keep their own council.


So where did the first lie originate?

The father of all lies we are taught is Satan, the deceiver; who while Adam and Eve were still in the garden, told them the first lie, that lead to their downfall and all of humanities fall from grace.

When we read the story it would seem that there's been some role reversal going on somewhere, because whereas God said, "But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil , thou shalt not eat of it; for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die," Satan said, "Ye shall not surely die; for God doth know that in the day that you eat thereof , then your eyes shall be opened and you will be as God, knowing good and evil."

So Eve took the fruit, ate it and gave it to Adam also. And then an extraordinary event occurred. Adam and Eve did know good from evil, as Satan had said, but they did not die as God had said. In fact they lived for over 900 years after the event!
So did God lie?

Suddenly Adam and Eve became aware that they were naked and were ashamed, and sewed fig-leaves together to hide their nakedness. So the first lesson they learned was that nakedness was something to be ashamed of. But how could this be true, because God had made them that way; and surely he would not have allowed them to continue in a state of nakedness if it had been wrong in his eyes. However, two new emotions thus emerged; that of being ashamed and that of guilt; two emotions that still rule our lives today.

It seems therefore that God told the first lie; which if true would stand all of our beliefs today on their heads! So how do we discover the truth? The Christian Church explains it away by saying that a day to God is like a thousand years in our eyes; and as Adam lived to be over 900, but not 1,000 years old, then God had told the truth. That explanation has at least one great big flaw in it! God did not tell mankind that a day to him was like a thousand years to us until several thousand years later. Logically we must ask, would God have done that? Would he leave mankind to live for generations before enlightening us as to the true timescale? Would he want us to believe for 2,000 years that he was a liar? Surely not if he wanted our trust, our love and our worship; and not our contempt for the deceit played on Adam and Eve.

To discover the truth, without going directly to God (who we don't trust anyway at this point), we must apply our minds and our God given intelligence and reasoning to the problem.

If God did't lie, then he must have been talking about something other than physical death; and our lack of understanding has lead to our believing a lie for thousands of years.

So what kind of death could God have been talking about for it to have passed apparently unrecorded in His book? The first clue we find in the verse which includes, "… let US make man in OUR image." (Note the plurality). The Roman Catholic Church explains this likeness in its Catechism this way, "This likeness to God is chiefly in our souls." This is unsatisfactory to many because surely God would have said as much i.e. "Let US make man CHIEFLY (or mainly) in OUR image." The fact is that he didn't say it, and therefore the Catholic Church must be wrong about that one.

Christianity by and large teaches a triune God, so it follows that for God to be true to his word we also must be triune. Father - the creator, Son - the created and doer, and the Holy Spirit - the life or active force to accomplish things. Father - the essence of all things, Son the physical, and Holy Spirit - the life and essence of God within all things. God exists with all three parts and to take one away would not leave a whole God, in fact it might not leave any God. Please note that this is not the same as saying that God is a trinity - three Gods in one - it is not! But we're not the same as God, only similar. It would not be possible to be the same or identical to God, as then there would be many Gods and therefore no Gods. We perhaps are Mind - the creator or creative processor, Body - the created and doer and Soul or Spirit the driving, motivating force.

Since writing the above it now occurs to me that we may represent this trinity in man in the following way. Man is composed of 3 parrts. The Body, The Soul and The Spirit. These could equate to

Body: The physical shape and presence we have in this world.

Spirit: The mind of mankind (also part of the collective conciousness of mankind)

Soul: The combination of The body and the Mind or Spirit.

For the second, third and fourth clues we have to jump ahead 3,500 years. In the gospel of John, chapter three, we read that a spiritual leader of the Jews, Nicodemus, came to Jesus late at night seeking an answer to something, that in all of his years in the priesthood he'd refused to admit and much less teach. For this reason; for the same applied to all the priesthood before him and down to Adam, God has said, "My people die through lack of knowledge, because you have withheld knowledge from my people, you shall no longer be priests of mine.. etc". So what is this knowledge that without it we die or remain dead? Jesus cut right through Nicodemus prevaricating and answered him in this way, "Unless a man is BORN AGAIN of WATER and the HOLY SPIRIT he cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven".

Now when the enslaved Jews gained their freedom from Egypt, they did so only after passing through the waters of the Red Sea. A baptism through water and an analogy of what was to be the only way to freedom for all of mankind. Furthermore they were lead by a pillar of smoke and a pillar of fire; both of which are synonymous with the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in physical form. So the Hebrews went from slavery to freedom only through water and spirit.

Jesus was telling us that we are dead and that we must be born anew. But not only that, he also told us how this was to be accomplished. He had already said that he himself was the water of life and that any man that drank from him should never thirst again. We obviously cannot drink Jesus so what he was referring to was his teaching, his communing with the Father through the Spirit of God; being in touch with that part of us that died in the Garden of Eden. So it was to be through him and his teachings that we had to pass from death into life, from slavery to freedom. In a similar way that a baby escapes from the confines of the womb through the breaking of the waters; and passes through the channel that leads to life and freedom. We are set free from being ruled by our animal instincts or logical minds to a world of knowing our soul and thus God. Paul later went on to endorse this when he said, "Do you not know that your bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit?" Meaning of course that the Holy Spirit dwells within us.

Now the only piece missing is the Holy Spirit. How do we get it? That's the easy bit. By simply acknowledging that we are dead, we are given the chance to live by the free gift of the Holy Spirit. If we fail to recognise that we are dead, then we can never be Born Anew into the kingdom of heaven. "We're 'of the world', but not in it," Jesus said, referring to the fact that we're in heaven. It's also worth noting here that Jesus said, "The Kingdom of Heaven is amongst you," and at another time he said while talking to those he had saved, "You have already passed from death into life eternal." And again he said, "You are sealed with the Holy Spirit for all time".

So it turns out that God was not a liar, but that mankind misrepresented and misinterpreted the truth of what happened in the garden. And soulless men have used the guilt and shame that was created in the garden to mislead us and control us for thousands of years.

So we've found and proved the first lie; and in doing so have been given the means to live eternally, within God, and have been set free from the worries of this world because we're no longer in it. It's taken me 20 years to realise this truth because I followed the teachings of churches and men, rather than talking to that part of God that is within me.

Those twenty years have not been a complete waste though, because many wonderful things happen when you have God inside of you. For one you acquire (through the Spirit) the gift of discernment; the ability to help you decide between that which is a lie and that which is true. Another thing is the peace which you can experience in many situations, when otherwise you would be distressed in one way or another. My regret is that I didn't realise it sooner; and to all intents and purposes I'm still a new born baby as far as my spirit is concerned.

The most wondrous thing about it, is that now I don't need to learn 20 different archaic languages. Nor do I need a brain the size of an elephant to store thousands of years of history, and compare it with the teachings of the Church. I can keep my peace and my eternal life not from outward sources but from the Spirit within me. I've been set free and I'm subject to no other man's doctrines that would enslave me. I have also been set free from caring about the needs and wants of the flesh.

In writing this I've unconsciously answered many of my original questions. What I want to know now is: who or what is behind this slavery that the church perpetuates with all of her DO's and DON'TS? The simple answer is that it is all motivated by greed and a desire to control others; but unfortunately my spirit bears witness to the fact that it's not that simple at all. The truth is far more insidious than that and I shall continue to search to discover the force that is behind so much of the misery in the world.

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