The Spheres of the Kabbalists

A short introduction by Zurishaddai leading to a heavily abridged and notated introduction of




One of the greatest mystical books that has been bequeathed to us in these latter days from the hands of the ancient Hebrew sages is actually a series of books known collectively as the Zohar.

What I hope for with this presentation is an open email or forum discussion between those who have decided to study some part of the Book of Splendour and who think that perhaps today’s Christians can come to a greater understanding of the God we worship and some methods we can apply to our lives to achieve that end.

The history of the zohar is said to go back into antiquity to the time of Moshe (Moses). Before Moshe was Avraham (Abraham) and prior to his writings was Adam. The fact is that we are now so far removed from both Adam (who walked with God) and Avraham (who also walked with God), that their writings are said to be totally beyond the comprehension of all but the adepts.
For this reason the Book of Splendour is used in this ongoing study. The method used in illustrating the spiritual truths in the Book of Splendour is said to be that of Branches and Roots and because of this, we are more able to relate to the mystical and esoterical pictures drawn by their words. Moshe is said to have been the author of the concepts of spirituality held in this volume and whereas the previous two authors walked with God, Moshe had to be hidden from the face of God for his own protection.

The Book of Splendour is not a replacement for your Bible; in fact it so heavily draws on scripture that without it, there would be nothing to say. Nor is it an alternative religion; it is not a religion at all! Religion is nothing more than the physical practice of spiritual ideas. The Book of Splendour concentrates most specifically upon the Book of Genesis but draws in scripture from the complete Tanuk.

The Kabbalists

The kabbalists see mans progression from the physical to the spiritual as a series of steps or perhaps rungs on a ladder that we need to climb. They see 3 stages to faith; to whit: Faith within Reason, Faith without Reason and Faith above Reason. Each step up the ladder will bring us closer to God and while we know that we as Christians can come boldly before the throne of God, getting to that throne is a problem that many of us underestimate. We cannot for instance just assume that because we are in Christ that we can gaily stomp into the presence of God with working overalls and hob nail boots.


The entrance to the hall or sphere of our Creator is not locked nor is it concealed unnecessarily from the diligent seeker; but just as Moshe had to be prepared for his audience with Father by being hidden in a cleft in a rock, so we have to be prepared to be able to achieve even a partial communion with the Almighty.

Our New Testament gives us some very brief details of what we must do to achieve this communion with the Almighty in the following verses:

(2Pe 1:4-8)

Through these there have been given to us exceedingly great and precious promises, so that through these you might be partakers of the Mighty-like nature, having escaped from the corruption in the world, caused by lust.

And for this reason do your utmost to add to your belief uprightness, to uprightness knowledge,

to knowledge self-control, to self-control endurance, to endurance reverence,

to reverence brotherly affection, and to brotherly affection love.

For if these are in you and increase, they cause you to be neither inactive nor without fruit in the knowledge of our Master יהושע Messiah.

We could look on these as the 7 steps to heaven where each step must be completed before we can move to the next rung on the ladder. I am not talking here of salvation! Salvation has nothing to do with entering the presence of God any more than being born will put us in front of the principal dean in the University of Oxford or Cambridge.

These 7 steps I have listed below for clarification and who amongst us can say that we have truly mastered them all?

1. Belief
2. Uprightness
3. Knowledge,
4. Self-control endurance,
5. Reverence,
6. Brotherly affection,
7. Love.

The kabbalists initially have 3 steps we need to climb even to achieve a level on which God can truly hear our prayers. These 3 steps are Repentant spirit, Humility and Piety. It should be noted that we can achieve none of these in our own strength and that is why we need the Messiah. We cannot change one thing about ourselves without the help of God. These 3 steps can be likened to an adult’s relationship with a child. A child on the ground can only look up at an adult with the minimum of communication between them. The second stage is when the adult lifts the child and there is a closer form of communication but true intimacy is only achieved when the adult draws the child tightly to them; when they breathe the same air; when they feel each other’s heartbeats and when they forget all else save each others presence. This is the level of intimacy which the kabbalist seek and to achieve it they study and practice the science contained in the zohar.
Whereas religion will talk of the law and the 613 Mosaic laws, the kabbalists see the physical law as the manifestation on earth which points us to the spiritual laws. In all there are an equal number of spiritual laws, more properly referred to as corrections, that we have to allow God to make in us before we can achieve full intimacy with Him. Most do not need to change 613 things as genetics, upbringing and social conscience have already played a part in man’s transformation from animal to spiritual being.

The Spheres

The spheres are arranged as per the following diagrams and the purpose of the spheres is to display pictorially a strange and difficult to understand concept; that of the dilution. The dilution is necessary because to be subjected to the full unadulterated light of God would simply destroy us.

Tree of LifeTree of Life Two


Tree of Life 3

An Alternate view and one which I shall be using later to explain certain aspects of the Tree of Life, Kabbalists and The Zohar.

The Speres or Chambers

The image above is taken from the book Kabbalah Decoder ISBN 0-7641-5262-9

A brief description of the physical associations that the Spiritual Spheres have with the Physical body follows:

  Sephiroth Divine Name Angel Parts of Body
1 Kether Ehyeh Chaioth Brain
2 Hochma Jah Ophanim Lungs
3 Binah Jehova Arelim Heart
4 Chesed El Chasmalim Stomach
5 Geburah Eloah Seraphim Liver
6 Tiphereth Elohim Malachim Gall
7 Netzach Jehova Zabaot Tarsheesim Spleen
8 Hod Elohim Zabaoth Beni Elohim Reins
9 Yesod El Chai Cherubim Genitalia (masculine)
10 Malkuth Adonai Ishim Genitalia (feminine)


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