The Watcher


Chris Woodruffe

The Watcher is fiction and it exists only to enhance scriptural and spiritual truths; by placing the reader in a sympathetic setting!
Wherever possible, I take The Watcher chapter by chapter with each chapter having a link to a scriptural passage, and share with you my knowledge, thoughts and experiences of spiritual matters. At the end of many paragraphs you will see a Bible Symbol. You may click on the Bible to activate a popup with relevant scriptural content or other explanation as in the following example. By clicking on the link it will open a window with definitions of the word 'scripture' and a list of some of the worlds scripture available to us. What is scriptureYou may read either one book through to entirety or compare it chapter by chapter; the choice is yours.

So why have I called it The Watcher? Perhaps the following verses from the Book of Enoch may shed some light on this:

1.2 And Enoch began his story and said: -
There was a righteous man whose eyes were opened by the Lord, and he saw a Holy vision in the Heavens, which the Angels showed to me.  And I heard everything from them, and I understood what I saw: but not for this generation, but for a distant generation that will come.

1.3 Concerning the Chosen I spoke; and I uttered a parable concerning them: The Holy and Great One will come out of his dwelling.

1.4 And the Eternal God will tread from there upon Mount Sinai, and he will appear with his Host, and will appear in the strength of his power from Heaven.

1.5 And all will be afraid, and the Watchers will shake, and fear and great trembling will seize them, up to the ends of the earth.

1.6 And the high mountains will be shaken; and the high hills will be laid low and will melt like wax in a flame.

1.7 And the earth will sink, and everything that is on the earth will be destroyed, and there will be judgment upon all, and upon all the righteous.

1.8 But for the righteous: He will make peace, and He will keep safe the Chosen, and mercy will be upon them.  They will all belong to God, and will prosper and be blessed, and the light of God will shine on them. 

Or the following from The Bible:

(Dan 4:13) “In the visions of my head on my bed, I looked and saw a Watcher, even a set-apart one, coming down from the heavens.

(Dan 4:14) “He cried aloud and said this, ‘Hew down the tree and cut off its branches, strip off its leaves and scatter its fruit. Let the beasts flee from under it, and the birds from its branches.

(Dan 4:15) ‘But leave the stump of its roots in the earth, even with a band of iron and bronze, in the tender grass of the field. And let it be wet with the dew of the heavens, and let his portion be with the beasts on the grass of the earth.

(Dan 4:16) ‘Let his heart be changed from man’s, let him be given the heart of a beast, and seven times pass over him.

(Dan 4:17) ‘This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the command by the word of the set-apart ones, so that the living know that the Most High is ruler in the reign of men, and gives it to whomever He wishes, and sets over it the lowest of men.’

Again from the Book of Enoch, we find more references to The Watchers:

5 All shall be afraid, and the Watchers be terrified.

(6) The Aramaic texts preserve an earlier list of names of these Watchers:
Semihazah; Artqoph; Ramtel; Kokabel; Ramel; Danieal; Zeqiel; Baraqel; Asael; Hermoni; Matarel; Ananel; Stawel; Samsiel; Sahriel; Tummiel; Turiel; Yomiel; Yhaddiel (Milik, p. 151).

The historic value of scriptures in general is interesting; the scientific value is of some significance but the spiritual value is beyond compare and to be highly prized. Having said that I should add that the hygiene laws are as relevant today as they were when first written some 4,000 years ago and that science would do well to take more notice of them. Similarly the science enlightens us to some interesting facts. For instance, the Hebrews knew that the earth was more or less round in shape and that it hung in space. The Greeks knew the circumference of the world to within about 100 miles years before the appearance of the Messiah. Such a shame that Christopher Columbus didn’t read a little more or he would have known in advance some things which would have aided him on his journeys of discovery.

I prefer to use the Hebrew words whenever possible as there is, I believe, a certain power within those words that is lost in the translations.
To fully understand the use of Hebrew words, one needs an education in Hebrew which I do not posses.  To understand how not only the words are composed but also the meanings of the letters used within and their numerical significance is way beyond my education and so I rely on those more gifted than I for explanations. As a numerical example we have the words in Bereshith chapter 1, Brashith bara in the beginning created = 1116. Compare that with the words Berash hashana nibra; in the beginning of the year was created = 1116. From this we can deduce that creation of this world commenced at the start of the Jewish New Year which is in September.

Another example would be Bereshith chapter 49 yabo schiloh = 358, while meshiach (Messiah) = 358. Therefore Messiah is Shiloh.

As mentioned above; not only the words but the letters themselves have a significance of their own. In Hebrew mysticism there is the story of the creation of the world and concerns the letters of the alphabet. I have selected the story of the letter Th.

(Full story HERE)

The Lord of the Universe in explaining why Th cannot be the channel of creative force used in creation of our world, draws our attention to the fact that Th is the symbol of law and is the ending of the word death. Thereby providing no salvation for as we know, and Sha'ul tells us in Romans 8:2

For the Torah of the Spirit of life in Messiah Yaohushua, hath set me free from the law of sin and death.

So not only does Sha'ul say it but the letters confirm that what begins in law ends in death.

This emphasises the need for a messiah as clearly as anything else I have read.

When quoting scripture I have used the King James Version (KJV) for poeticism and a version simply called The Scriptures, for accuracy in the proper use of the correct names for God and men and the correct chronological order of the books of the Old Testament.

Wherever poetry from another author’s pen has been used, they are credited with it at the end of the chapter. Most contributors have been of a young age and include the dyslexic through to the desperate; however all are without doubt inspired; and all have an empathy with the character of the moment.

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